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  • 27.03.12
    In today's world, labour migration has become an important factor of global development, providing flexibility for the international labour market, enabling backward nations to join the global production culture and encouraging interaction and mutual enrichment of cultures. In Russia the migration policy serves as a major source of labour force replenishment for the country. The vast majority of migrant workers are young people with mental, linguistic, cultural, and religious traits specific to their nation.
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INFORMATION ABOUT THE ACTIVITIES of the Russian Peace Fund (International Non-Government Organization) for 2007

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In 2007 International Non-Government Organization the Russian Peace Fund (RPF) continued its national charitable and humanitarian programmes The People Remember, Care, Peace and Unity, Peace and Culture, Peace and Youth, Children of Russia, and others.

The RPFs total expenditures on carrying out national programmes, including press and informational, technical, and organizational expenses, came to 17,916,000 roubles

In 2007 the RPFs management allotted the funds 47 regional departments funds to carry out charitable and humanitarian programmes and projects, totalling more than 8,620,000 roubles.

In 2007 the RPF actively participated in international non-government organization conferences, accredited by the United Nations and the Council of Europe.

In 2007 the RPF became a member of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO).

The fund continued its traditional cooperation with foreign non-governmental and civil organizations with the aim of carrying out joint humanitarian, charitable, ecological, cultural, youth, and other programmes and projects.

In 2007, 1,761,000 roubles were dispersed under the RPFs International Cooperation programme.

In June 2007 the RPF Chairman took part in the First Congress of Compatriots of Germany (in Cologne).

RPF representatives participated in the work of the 60th Conference of UN-accredited NGOs (September 2007, New York) and in the CONGO Conference (December 2007, Geneva).

In September 2007 the RPF, with support from the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation mission to the UN in New York, organized and conducted a press conference and photo exhibition about the funds activities at UN headquarters in New York, with UN-accredited correspondents and representatives of foreign missions.

In September 2007 a RPF delegation visited Washington DC, where they held negotiations with the funds American partners, the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation, about the project to erect in Moscow a monument to the great American poet Walt Whitman as a gift from the mayor of Washington to Moscow.

The RPF allocated 60,000 roubles for the Moscow International Model UN with the aim of introducing talented Russian youth to UN values and to popularize the UNs activities.

Joint venture Vietsovpetro allocated targeted funds (about 515,000 roubles) for the RPFs Peoples Diplomacy programme, under which the Moscow Peace Fund organized a trip for Vietnamese children to Russia.

In 2007, RPF representatives regularly participated in Council of Europe NGO conferences. In April and December an RPF delegation spoke during the discussion of law-enforcement practices of the new Russian legislation on NGOs, about how one must consider the great diversity in types of not-for-profits in modern Russia and their various thoughts on the new legislation on NGOs. An RPF representative worked on the Administrative Committee of the Council of Europe NGO Conference.

The funds regional departments carried out various actions to develop international cooperation.

In August, the RPF allocated 125,000 roubles to the Bulgarian Department of the RPF and The Russophile Movement for the Fourth National Rally of Friends of Russia and Bulgaria, in September 2007.

As in previous years, the fund paid special attention to the Children of Russia and Care programmes, for which it dispersed 4,515,000 roubles in 2007.

The Russian Peace Fund together with the Moscow Peace Fund held as usual, in the Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoi Bulvar, a festive event on International Child Protection Day, and a traditional New Years tree for orphaned children, children with disabilities and children from disadvantaged families from Moscow, and the Kursk, Oryol, Ivanovo, Penza, Yaroslavl, Ryazan, Moscow Oblasts and other regions of Russia. All children received gifts. RPF dispersed more than 1,400,000 roubles for organizing and conducting these events.

In 2007 the Russian Peace Fund continued its charitable project Children on the Roads. The aim is to attract societys attention to the problem of children and road safety. This action is held annually to support the traffic polices Attention, Children! campaign. Children receive free reflectors.

The reflectors were handed out to children during a festive programme at the Nikulin Circus aimed at children in Novgorod, Kaluga, Voronezh, and Magadan. The Light up! campaign was broadly reported in the media. It was publicized in Moskovsky Komsomolets, Vechernaya Moskva, etc. It was also covered in the Good Morning programme on the Rossiya television channel, in episodes on the Kultura channel, and on the Vesti programme on TVTs.

Russian Initiative is a joint Russian-American project of humanitarian cooperation that has been going successfully for more than fourteen years. Five regional RPF departments participated in the project Stavropol, Kursk, Smolensk, Tomsk, and the Moscow Oblast. Volunteers from the US repaired orphanages and childrens homes, hospitals, boarding schools, and childrens hospitals, buying with their own resources paint, wallpaper, linoleum, plumbing materials, dishes, refrigerators, clothing, shoes, and so on. The US United Methodist Church transferred the targeted funds (2,500,000 roubles) for these departments to conduct humanitarian joint programmes and obtain the building materials to repair regional childrens homes.

Cooperation was continued with the Andalusian Association for Cooperation, Aid, and Solidarity with the Russian People and the Bridges of Friendship Foundation (Madrid) to organize holidays for foster children with Spanish families. In summer 2007 orphans from childrens homes in the Ryazan and Smolensk regions were sent on recuperative holidays in Spain.

Together with the Bulgarian Department of the RPF, recuperative holidays in Bulgaria were organized for children from Stavropol; 225 foster children from boarding schools in the Saratov region relaxed on Bulgarias Black Sea coast. This three-year campaign is being conducted thanks to cooperation between sister-cities Saratov and Dobrich (Bulgaria), set up on the initiative of the RPF Saratov Department.

The RPF organized trips for children from Russian regions to the international recuperative friendship camp for Slavic children in the Gomel Oblast of the Republic of Belarus, under cooperation between the RPF and the Belarusian Peace Fund.

100,000 roubles were allocated to organize summer holidays for orphans and children from disadvantaged families in Dagestan. 146,000 roubles were allocated for treating and rehabilitating children with disabilities, those suffering from central nervous system disorders, and children with cerebral palsy.

With support from the RPF: the Omsk Department organized a holiday for disable children at the Rainbow childrens camp; the Moscow Peace Fund, under the Rescue programme, offered help to children in hot spots, orphans, disable children and refugee children; the Dagestan Department carried out health checks and offered help to the children of migrants in the village of Nadezhda, in Kizlyar; the Primorsk Department carried out the regional programme Primorye without Orphans.

Under the Care programme, the Russian Peace Fund together with the Moscow Peace Fund held an event in the Moscow State Theatre for Moscow veterans of war, labour, and the armed forces, and distributed memorial gifts.

The RPF allocated 75,000 roubles for surgical treatment in the Clinic of the Brain Institute for M. Voronina, a person with type 2 disability. The Yaroslavl Department organized a charity concert in Childrens Clinical Hospital Number 3 in Yaroslavl for children from orphanages and childrens arts schools.

With support from the RPF: the Tver Department held a charitable event marking the International Day of Aged Persons; the Samara Department organized a number of meetings with mothers and widows of military personnel killed in Afghanistan and Chechnya and veterans of WWII. The Voronezh Department organized a reception and gift ceremony for mothers of military personnel killed during peace time for Mothers Day, and presented gifts to single disabled people who need fulltime care, traditionally at the Pavlov Hospital for Invalids and War Veterans; Tver Department at the Chernogubsky Hospital for WWII veterans.

In 2007 1,420,000 roubles were dispersed under the People Remember programme.

The Russian Peace Fund together with the Moscow Oblast Department of the RPF on April 30 2007 held a Dialogue of the Generations meeting in the Central House of Workers Arts, marking Victory Day, to which war veterans from Moscow and the Moscow Oblast were invited, including Victory Parade participants. And on November 14 the RPF organized a meeting of war veterans and youth organizations from Moscow and the Moscow Oblast The Future of Russia is in Your Hands, with a festive presentation at which veterans gave instructions to the youth of the 21st century.

At the Moscow Stage Theatre, the Moscow Peace Fund and the Moscow government held a festive meeting of war veterans and capital-defenders, with a concert and gift presentation.

In 2007 the RPF continued its targeted financing of a project to address the queries of citizens searching for information about relatives lost during the Great Patriotic War (WWII). More than 6,000 letters and queries have been handled. On September 21, 2007 RPF held a press conference to mark Defenders of the Fatherland Day.

With support from the RPF, events were organized in Smolensk to celebrate the freeing of the city from the fascist occupiers. The Murmansk Department organized a meeting for WWII widows, mothers of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Chechnya, and the tending of soldiers graves. 170,000 roubles were allocated for the traditional March of Peace March of Memory to the battlegrounds in the Oryol, Kursk, and Belgorod Oblasts. 110,000 roubles were allocated to organize a Memorial Trip to St Petersburg for war veterans from the Vologda and Perm Oblasts. The Tver Department gave assistance to the Countrywoman on the Frontlines club. 100,000 roubles were allocated: to the Dagestan Department to assist the editors of Memorial Books in the Republic of Dagestan to release the book Soldiers of Victory, by the Novgorod Department to publish the book War on Novgorod Territory, by the Smolensk Department to publish the book Soldiers of Victory, which lists the names of Smolensk soldiers who saw Victory Day and returned home alive from the field of battle.

90,000 roubles were allocated to the Volgograd Department to organize a charitable event in preparation for the 65th anniversary of the victory at Stalingrad. 30,000 roubles went to the Vladimir Department to hold a photo exhibition marking the Great Patriotic War, and to hold the competition Candle of Memory.

In 2007 as in previous years, the fund continued its peace-facilitating programmes Peace and Unity and Peace and Youth (1,162,000 roubles put out).

In 2007 the Russian Peace Fund together with Japanese partners continued to collect childrens drawings of Friendship in the Name of Peace. About 5,000 drawings were collected, from 40 Russian regions. The drawings were sent to the Japanese children, and the Russian children will get the ones done by the Japanese children.

Among the funds programmes and projects and those of its departments, there are many that testify to the desire to participate in realizing large social projects. RPFs Stavropol Regional Department continues to realize its Tolerance as Conflict Resolution project. The funds Ivanovo Department is doing a lot of work to improve inter-racial relations in the region. This is together with joint peace-building projects with representatives of racial communities. In 2007 the newspaper Caravan Druzhby (Friendship Caravan) continued publication, a joint project of RPF Ivanovo Department and the Assembly of Russian Peoples. 107,000 roubles were allocated to the Ivanovo Department to hold the traditional Day of Russian-German Friendship, 30,000 roubles for the international super-marathon Sport, You are Peace from Ivanovo to the Brest Oblast.

The RPF allocated 60,000 roubles to the Yakutsk Department to organize an event marking the 375th anniversary of Yakutia joining the Russian state, and the founding of the city of Yakutsk.

In 2007, as in previous years, the Russian Peace Fund held youth camps in Oryol, Penza, and Smolensk, spending 160,000 roubles. The RPF also allocated 70,000 roubles to hold recuperative camps for children of various nationalities living in the Kurgan Oblast.

The Russian Peace Fund together with the Moscow Oblast Department held an International Peace Camp at the Tishkovo Sports and Health Camp, in which participated children from Azerbaijan and Belarus. The RPF allocated 365,000 roubles for these purposes.

The Belgorod Department of the RPF and the Kharkov Department of the Ukrainian Peace Fund held a meeting on border-area cooperation. The Kemerovo Department carried out its programme Revive Russia. The Kabardino-Balkarian Department of RPF carried out its project Friendly and Peaceful Neighbourhood, on interethnic dialogue.

Its worth making special note of the cooperation between the Russian and Belarusian Departments. They conduct joint peace marches at historic WWII spots, peace camps, and regularly exchange delegation visits.

Under the Peace and Culture programme (total expenditures amounting to 1,470,000 roubles), the Russian Peace Fund together with the Tver Oblast Administration and the Tver Department of the RPF held the first All-Russia Competition of Regional Literature Our Cultural Heritage, with the aim of encouraging regional research as an important instrument in preserving heritage, and supporting local authors creative groups. Competition winners received fund prizes. The RPF allocated 390,000 roubles to organize the competition.

75,000 roubles were allocated to help children from problem families attend the International Congress of Children, Youth, Teachers, and Parents For the Future without Violence (held in Anapa). 60,000 roubles were allocated to hold an exhibition of artwork by children with disabilities Inva-Studio. RPF allocated 145,000 roubles to organize the Yaroslavl Festival, International Art Festival.

60,000 roubles were allocated to the Kaliningrad Department to hold the Svetlogorsk 2007 International Festival of National Culture. The Kursk Department got 120,000 roubles to publish the book Peacemakers: Heart to heart, covering the activities of the funds activists.

The Russian Peace Fund traditionally pays special attention to cooperating with the Russian Orthodox Church and other religious organizations in the matter of spiritual rejuvenation for Russia. The fund and its departments carry out projects from opening Sunday schools in Orthodox churches, to supporting Orthodox secondary schools. An RPF representative sits on the board that publishes The Orthodox Encyclopaedia.

In February-March 2007 the RPF held a dialogue with representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church and the human rights movement to address the issue of the compatibility of human rights and ethics. The RPF organized the dialogues.

On July 10, 2007 a festive ceremony took place at the St. Danil Monastery in the Moscow Patriarchates Department of External Church Relations (MP DECR), to award the Chairman of the MP DECR, Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad, Russias highest mufti Talgata Tadzhuddina, and Russias chief rabbi Adolf Shayevich with the RPFs highest honour, a gold medal For Peace-Building and Charitable Activities, and commemorative diplomas. The awards were granted for their work on Russias spiritual revitalization, their huge efforts in developing inter-faith dialogue, and many years of working for peace. This event was widely reported in the media: it was covered on the Vremya programme on Channel One, on Vesti on RTR, on TVTs, ITAR-TASS, in the Trud newspaper, and elsewhere.

In 2007 the RPF allocated 240,000 roubles to carry out repairs and renovations to the Holy Virgin Mother Protection Church in the Orenburg Oblast, to the Novospassky stauropegion monastery in Moscow, and to the Pokrovsky Cathedral, the spiritual centre for Old Believers.

With support from the RPF, the Road to the Church childrens art competition was held, marking the 1015th anniversary of the Yaroslavl Archdiocese.

The Kemerovo Department, with support from the RPF management, took part if the regional programme Orthodoxy as a Basis for Spiritual Rebirth in Russia. The Kursk, Tver, Moscow Oblast, and many other fund departments are working on this programme.

In 2007 the Russian Peace Fund established the Dialog Kultur (Cultural Dialogue) magazine.

Hundreds of thousands of activists are caught up in fund activities. The RPF has departments in 57 Russian regions. It is an official partner of the Presidents Council on developing institutes of civil society and human rights.

In April 2007 the RPF board held its annual meeting, at which they confirmed the funds financial accounts for 2006 and its programmes for 2007, confirmed by the board of trustees and others.

In accordance with the decision by the RPF board and the RPFs charter, in April 2008 the Russian Peace Fund will hold a review and electoral conference.

In accordance with the funds charter, the RPFs revision committee held a revision of the RPFs financial and business operations for 2007.

In April 2008 there will be an independent audit of the RPFs financial and business operations and of the conformity to Russian legislation on accounting for 2007 after the RPFs annual balance sheet has been turned in.

The Russian Peace Fund runs charitable and humanitarian programmes using its own resources, including targeted charitable donations from Russian organizations and people, as well as targeted monies from foreign organizations for specific RPF and regional department projects (information about the volume of targeted foreign donations that the RPF received in 2007 is appended).

Information about the Russian Peace Fund, information about nation-wide and regional programmes, and fund news can be found on the RPFs website at (

The Russian Peace Funds operations have been covered in detail in the RPFs informational bulletins, in the political magazine Priznanie, and in the magazine Dialog Kultur. There has been television coverage about the RPFs national programmes on Channel One, Rossiya, Kultura, TVTs, Stolitsa, Zvezda, and others. In the central and regional media much material has been published about the funds and its departments peace-building and charitable projects.

Leonid Slutsky,

President of the Board

of Russian Peace Foundation