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  • 27.03.12
    In today's world, labour migration has become an important factor of global development, providing flexibility for the international labour market, enabling backward nations to join the global production culture and encouraging interaction and mutual enrichment of cultures. In Russia the migration policy serves as a major source of labour force replenishment for the country. The vast majority of migrant workers are young people with mental, linguistic, cultural, and religious traits specific to their nation.
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INFORMATION ON THE ACTIVITIES Of the International Public Fund ęRussian Peace FoundationĽ in 2010

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In 2010, the International Non-Governmental Organization ďRussian Peace FoundationĒ continued, as in previous years, to carry out its national charity and humanitarian programmes:†The Peoples Memory, Care, Peace and Unity, International Cooperation, Peace and Culture, Peace and Youth, Children of Russia†and others.

The total sum of expenditure of the Russian Peace Foundation (RPF) for the implementation of national programmes, including information and publishing, material and technical and organizational support for the Foundationís programmes and regional branches was†40.662 million roubles.

In 2010 the RPF Board allocated funds to 40 regional branches of the Foundation in order to implement charitable and humanitarian programmes and projects to the total value of more than†9.870 million roubles.

In 2010 the Russian Peace Foundation held events for the realization of the†Children of Russia†programme on which more than†3.046 million roubles†were spent.

The RPF continued to realize the†Children on the Roads†charity project in order to raise awareness of the issue of child safety on the roads. As part of the project children are given free light reflectors. The reflectors were distributed to children at festival shows and sent to the regions of Russia. A total of†30,000 roubles†were allocated for the manufacture and distribution of reflectors in the Magadan Region. The†ďLight up!Ē†campaign was widely covered in the media.

The†Russian Initiative†is a joint Russian-American humanitarian cooperation project that has been operating successfully for more than sixteen years. The Kursk and Tomsk regional branches of the Foundation took part in the project. Volunteers from the US repaired orphanages and boarding schools. The United Methodist Church of the US transferred targeted funds (more than†992,000 roubles) for these branches to carry out joint humanitarian programmes and provide help for orphans.

The Foundation continued cooperation with the Andalusian Association of cooperation, assistance and solidarity with Russian people for the organization of holidays with Spanish families for children in orphanages. In summer 2010 children from Ryazan Region orphanages were sent to Spain for recreational holidays.

The RPF organised trips for children from the regions of Russia to the International Friendship Camp for Slavic Children ďKrynichkaĒ in the Gomel Region of the Republic of Belarus.

On June 4, 2010 in the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Moscow, the RPF organised a festive concert dedicated to theInternational Childrenís Day†for 150 orphans and children from low-income families in Moscow and the Moscow region and gave out presented candy gift sets. A total of†70,000 roubles†were allocated in order to hold the show.

280,000 roubles†were allocated to hold the†New Yearís Carnival†for orphans and children from low-income families on December 22 in the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Moscow. More than 300 children from Moscow, the Moscow Region, the Yaroslav Region and also children of national expatriate communities living in Moscow. All visitors of the concert were presented new-year sweets. Fifty gifts were given to the Moscow Patriarchate to give to orphans and children from low-income families. Another†95,000 roubles†were allocated to obtain 80 tickets for orphans and children for low-income families to a festival at the Yuri Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

The RPF organised a trip to Moscow for a group of 32 children from low-income families in the Samara Region with a sightseeing tour of the city, a celebratory meal and a visit to the Tsereteli art gallery. The RPF organised a traditional programme of Pre New-year events in Moscow for 40 children from Mordovia. About†100,000 roubles†had been allocated in order to organize trips for the children. More than 50,000 roubles were allocated for the organization of recreational holidays for children with disabilities from the Kentavr rehabilitation centre at the Tishkovo resort in the Moscow Region.

30,000 roubles†were allocated in order to purchase a drying machine for the childrenís boarding school in the town of Rybnoe in the Ryazan Region,†60,000 roubles†for the implementation of the†Video passport†project in order to create a single video bank of children living in orphanages in Vladivostok,†60,000 roubles†to hold Christmas and New Year celebrations for orphans from childrenís social institutions in the Moscow Region,†50,000 roubles†to organize and hold a festive show at the Central House of Artists for children from orphanages in the Moscow Region as well as an exhibition of childrenís work entitled†Costa Rica Ė Through the Eyes of the Children of Russia,†175,000 roubles†were allocated for charitable aid to children at child boarding schools and orphanages in the Samara and Tver regions,†20,000 roubles†to organize camp trips for winners of the childrenís competition†The World of Children is a World without Violence†in the Penza Region,†80,000 roubles†were allocated for the treatment of children from low-income Moscow families suffering from infantile cerebral paralysis,†90,000 roubles†for the realization of the Children of Russia programme in the Novgorod Region and†60,000 roubles†for the realization of the regional programme†Children of Kolyma.

140,000 roubles†were allocated to the Dagestan branch of the Foundation in order to arrange summer recreational activities for orphans and children from low-income families.

From this list, one can clearly see the vast geographical scope of activity of the RPF.

As in previous years, the Russian Peace Foundation organised recreational holidays for children in the†International Peace Camp†in†Tishkovo†(Moscow Region) and children came from low-income families in North Ossetia, Belarus and Korea.565,000 roubles†were allocated for this purpose.

The RPF allocated†80,000 roubles†in order to organize and hold the Peace and Friendship Camp 2010 for 300 children of various nationalities living in the Kurgan Region.†280,000 roubles†were allocated in order to organise and hold the International Peace Camp in the Orlov Region for the winners of the childrenís fine art competition Russia Ė My Motherland and a dance troupe from South Ossetia.

30,000 roubles†were allocated in order to arrange a trip to the Slavic Peoples Friendship Camp 2010 (Gomel Region, Republic of Belarus) for a group of children from low-income families in the Vologda Region.

More than†6.672 million roubles†were spent on the†The†Peoples Memory†programme in 2010.

On May 5, 2010 at the Photo centre of the Russian Journalistsí Union, the Russian Peace Foundation, together with theRusskiy Mir†Foundation, held an official ceremony to present the results of the international competition and the opening of the exhibition†Russkiy Mir Ė Memory of the Heart†dedicated to the 65th†anniversary of the World War II Victory. The ceremony was attended by nominees of the international competition from Russia and abroad, prominent political and public figures, war veterans and representatives of youth organisations, military and historical clubs and scouting forces. More than†835,000 roubles†were allocated by the RPF in order to hold the campaign.

On May 2, 2010, the RPF Board, together with the Yaroslavl regional branch of the Foundation, held the charity campaignThank you for the Victory!, dedicated to the 65th†anniversary of the World War II Victory. Two million roubles were allocated in order to reward 200 war veterans of the Yaroslavl Region for their active participation in the patriotic education of the younger generation.

On April 24, 2010, the Peace Foundation held a celebratory concert entitled†Letís Take a Bow to Those Victorious Years!, dedicated to the 65th†anniversary of the World War II Victory, in the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 at Poklonnaya Gora as part of the historical and patriotic campaign entitled†It is our Victory! -†145,500 roubleswere allocated for this event.†250,000 roubles†were allocated to hold a charity memorial concert†To the Counterattack on the 65th†Anniversary†at the Hall of Commanders of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War at Poklonnaya Gora.

Regional branches of the RPF held a number of programmes and events dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the World War II Victory.

The RPF allocated†140,000 roubles†for the publication of the book Soldiers of the Fatherland in Dagestan,†60,000 roublesfor the publication of the Book of Memory in Komi,†120,000 roubles†for the publication of the Smolensk regional memorial book Soldiers of the Victory. More than†300,000 roubles†were allocated in order to hold the Victory Path Peace March along battle areas in the Vologda, Belgorod, Ivanovo, Orlov and Smolensk regions.

More than†1.8 million roubles†were allocated to regional branches of the Foundation in order to realize The Peoples memory programme in Russian regions Ė for holding meetings and honoring war veterans, organizing celebratory concerts, music festivals and childrenís drawing competitions dedicated to the 65th†anniversary of the World War II Victory and to provide assistance in the work of scouting forces in Mordovia, North Ossetia, Karelia, the Stavropol and Krasnodar territories and the Amur, Samara, Perm, Voronezh, Kaliningrad, Kaluga, Kurgan, Kursk, Omsk, Penza, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Tambov, Tver, Rostov, Tomsk, Ulyanovsk, Yaroslavl and Moscow regions.

60,000 roubles†were allocated for the organization and holding of the international bicycle marathon†Bike for Peace†from Paris to Moscow dedicated to the 65th†anniversary of the World War II Victory.

The RPF allocated the National Movement Russophile†50,000 roubles†for the publication of a collection of materials on the Bulgarian-Russian conference entitled The 65th†Anniversary of the Victory.

More than†780,000 roubles†were spent by the Russian Peace Foundation on the implementation of the†Care†programme in 2010.

The RPF allocated more than†580,000 roubles†for the realization of regional programmes for providing help to war veterans and socially vulnerable citizens and the holding charity events dedicated to the International Day of Older Persons in Udmurt Republic and the Voronezh, Omsk, Samara, Smolensk, Kirov, Perm, Tambov and Tver regions.†40,000 roubles†were allocated in order to purchase a television for war veterans of the Pavlovsk Hospital for War Veterans in the Voronezh Region.

90,000 roubles†were allocated in order to provide humanitarian aid to residents of the most remote mountain villages of the Tuapse district of the Krasnodar Territory and 250 food packages were sent for the elderly there.

On October 15, 2010 in the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Moscow, the RPF organised a charity concert for 600 participants and guests of the 3rd†Russian Congress of Social Workers and Counsellors as part of the charity project†Russia, Say NO to Poverty!†and allocated†125,000 roubles†for the event.

The Foundation continued its traditional cooperation with non-governmental and public organisations from other countries in order to carry out, amongst other things, joint humanitarian, charity, environmental, cultural and youth programmes and projects.

More than†1.81 million roubles†were spent by the RPF on the†International Cooperation†programme.

In February 2010, the RPF delegation met with the chairman of the UN General Assembly and the chairman of the UN ECOSOC. An RPF representative took part in the Global NGO Forum for Women: Beijing + 15 and a meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

In May 2010, RPF representatives took part in the 3rd†Global Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilisations†ďBridging Cultures Ė Building PeaceĒ†in Rio de Janeiro.

During the visit of the Head of the NGO Section of the Department of Economic and Social Policy of the United Nations Andrei Abramov, who arrived in Moscow in May 2010 at the invitation of the RPF Board, meetings were held in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation Council and the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate with public representatives.

RPF representatives, the only representatives from Russian NGOs, took part in the 63rd†Conference for NGOs (September 2010, Melbourne) working with the UN dedicated to the problems of healthcare within the context of achieving the Millennium Development Goals. 1,700 participants of the Conference represented more than 350 NGOs from 70 countries worldwide.

In July 2010, at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris a meeting was held between the delegation of the Russian Peace Foundation and the Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova. In October, as part of the 185th†session of the UNESCO Executive Board, the RPF delegation took part in the meeting of the Committee on International NGOs.

In 2010 RPF representatives actively participated in meetings of the UN ECOSOC Committee on NGOs, the Conference on International NGOs of the Council of Europe and forums at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

In October 2010, an RPF representative from the Russian official delegation took part in the 65th†session of the UN General Assembly as a public expert.

In 2010, an RPF representative was promoted to the International NGO Bureau of the Council of Europe and an RPF representative joined the group of Global Experts of the UN Alliance of Civilisations.

With a view to familiarize talented Russian youths with the values of the UN and in order to promote the activity of the UN, the RPF allocated 550,000 roubles for the organisation and holding of the Moscow International Model UN 2010 and a trip for students of Russian universities who won the competition in order to participate in the Second Global Model UN held by the Department of Public Information of the UN in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

60,000 roubles†were allocated in order to organise a trip for representatives of the Komi branch of the RPF to participate in the 7th†National Meeting of Friends of Russia in Bulgaria.

Regional branches of the Foundation also held noteworthy campaigns for the development of international cooperation.

In 2010, as in previous years, the Foundation continued the peacekeeping programmes†Peace and Unity†and†Peace and Youth†(approximately†1.902 million roubles†were spent).

On March 16, 2010, at the Central House of Scientists, the Russian Peace Foundation held the peacekeeping campaign†A Commonwealth of Cultures. Moscow: a Review of National Traditions†for 400 war and labour veterans and representatives of the largest ethnic communities living in Russia. An exhibition of ornamental art from different communities was organised for the visitors and a concert was held involving national artistic teams and also young musicians of the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Russia. In line with tradition, the guests were given gift souvenirs from the Foundation. This important RPF campaign took place as part of the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures announced by UNESCO. News on the RPF campaign was published in the Literaturnaya Gazeta, Parlamentskaya Gazeta and Moskovskaya Perspektiva publications. The RPF allocated more than†260,000 roubles†for the organisation of the campaign.

As part of the Peace and Youth programme, the RPF and 40 regional branches of the Foundation held a childrenís drawing competition†Dedicated to the Great Victory, in which children from 40 regions of Russia took part. More than 1,500 pictures were received. The overall winners of the competition were awarded prizes: Nokia mobile telephones, Sony digital camera, Sony MP3 players and others received USB flash drives.

On November 2010 in the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 at Poklonnaya Gora, the RPF held the charity concert†Creative Discoveries†devoted to the National Day of Unity with the participation of young musicians from the Krasnodar Territory and the Arkhangelsk, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions for veterans, children from orphanages and large or low-income families in Moscow and the Moscow Region.†150,000 roubles†were allocated in order to organize and hold the concert.

195,000 roubles†were allocated to the Ivanovo branch of the RPF in order to hold Russo-German friendship days and realize the youth project Peace without Borders,†170,000 roubles†were allocated for the organization and holding of the childrenís art exhibition†Peace for All, a concert and buffet for children from orphanages in the Moscow Region and the activity of the regional Museum of Peace,†145,000 roubles†in order to hold the roundtable Peace and Youth and implement the project Springs of Orel region,†120,000 roubles†for the construction and opening of the Museum of Peace in Tver,120,000 roubles†for holding the International Childrenís Festival of National Cultures in the town of Svetlogorsk,†150,000 roubles†were allocated to the Stavropol branch of the Foundation in order to realize the projects†Notebookof Friendshipand†Empathetic Peace,†80,000 roubles†were allocated to the Yaroslavl regional branch of the RPF in order to hold the art songs festival†Harmony†and a peopleís friendship parade,†120,000 roubles†for the organization and the holding of the campaign A World without Drugs in the Omsk Region,†200,000 roubles†for the realization of the Migrants of the Region project in order to harmonise interethnic relations in the Yaroslav Region,†90,000 roubles†in order to realize the programme Peace and Youth in Dagestan and†90,000 roubles†to realize the programme Children from Different Nations in the Kursk Region.

In order to promote the Russian language abroad and strengthen humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Bulgaria and in accordance with the Agreement on Cooperation with the Bulgarian National Movement Russophile, in July 2010, the Russian Peace Foundation in Moscow received a group of children who had won the Bulgarian National CompetitionCreators of Friendship.

The total amount of money spent as part of the†Peace and Culture†programme exceeded†13.032 million roubles.

In order to provide material support for the most talented and gifted musicians of the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Russia, throughout the year 2010 the RPF paid for 65 scholarships monthly.†780,000 roubles†were allocated for the implementation of this project.

In 2010-2011, the Russian Peace Foundation is to realize a project for the construction and installation in Moscow on Strastnoy Boulevard of a monument to the Russian poet, Alexander Tvardovsky. In 2010, for the realization of this project (creating a sculpture of the composition in soft material and casting the monument in bronze, the development of an architectural and design concept and the pedestal of the Tvardovsky monument), the RPF allocated†11.568 million roublesfrom targeted funds raised for the installation of the monument.

On March 29, 2010 in the Pushkin State Museum, the Russian Peace Foundation held a charity concert†Conductors from Five Countries of the World, which took place as part of the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures announced by UNESCO. More than 400 students of music colleges, boarding school pupils and war and labour veterans were invited to the concert which featured the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Russia. The concert was attended by conductors and students of Leonid Nikolaev from Russia, Japan, Ecuador, Turkey and Albania and also national and honoured artists of Russia and winners of international competitions. The RPF allocated†190,000 roubles†in order to hold the concert.

In connection with the terrorist attacks which took place on the Moscow metro on March 29, 2010, hundreds of thousands of activists of the Russian Peace Foundation expressed strong protest against the terrorist attacks which took the lives of innocent people.

On November 11, 2010, at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Moscow, the RPF organised a charity concert as part of the cultural and social project†Music of Childrenís Hearts†for 350 Moscow veterans and pupils of music colleges. The concert culminated in a presentation of the new musical and educational programme†School of Music.†The Peace Foundation allocated†165,000 roubles†for the organization of the concert.

50,000 roubles were allocated in order to hold the roundtable†Philosophy for Children†in Moscow and a philosophy competition for students and 60,000 roubles for the building of the†Peace Walkway†in Zhukov Municipal Park in the city of Kemerovo.

The Russian Peace Foundation traditionally pays special attention to cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church and other religious denominations in the spiritual rebirth of Russia. The Foundation and its branches realize projects for opening Sunday schools at Orthodox churches and they support Orthodox schools. An RPF representative is a member of the Public Council for the publication of the Orthodox Encyclopaedia.

In 2010, the RPF allocated more than 115,000 roubles in order to carry out reclamation works on the Pokrovsk Church in the village of Rubetskoe in the Ryazan Region and the Krestovozdvizhensk Kyltovsk nunnery, to purchase bells for the bell tower of the church of Our Lady of Kazan in the town of Pavlovskiy Posad in the Moscow Region and to develop the icon-painting workshops at the Novo-Tikhvinsky nunnery in the city of Ekaterinburg.

The Kemerovo branch of the RPF is participating in the implementation of the regional programme†Orthodoxy as a Foundation for the Spiritual Rebirth of Russia.†90,000 roubles were allocated to the Omsk branch of the Foundation in order to hold the international conference of Orthodox women The Issues of Spirituality in Modern Society and the Role of the Family and Church in the Moral and Ethical Education of Young People.

The Krasnodar and Stavropol territorial branches and the Kursk, Orlov, Perm, Samara, Tver, Vologda, Kaliningrad and Moscow regional branches, as well as other branches of the Foundation are actively participating in this programme.

Hundreds of thousands of activists are involved in the Foundationís scope of activity. RPF branches are active in 57 regions of Russia.

On April 14, 2010 in accordance with the RPF Charter, a regular annual extended meeting of the Board of the Russian Peace Foundation was held in order to uphold the main programmes and projects in the Fundís priority areas, their financing and performance report and also to hear a report on the activity of the RPF Board.

In April 2010, an independent audit was carried out on the financial and economic activity of the International Public Foundation RPF and compliance of the procedure for maintaining accounting records to the laws of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Peace Foundation implements charitable and humanitarian programmes using its own funds, including targeted charity donations from Russian organisations and private individuals and also targeted donations from foreign organisations for the realization of specific RPF projects and projects of regional branches of the Foundation.

Details the Russian Peace Foundation and a wide variety of information on the implementation of Russian national and regional programmes and news on the Foundation may be found on the RPF website (

The activity of the Russian Peace Foundation has been featured in the newspapers Moskovsky Komsomolets, Parlamentskaya Gazeta, Moskovskaya Perspektiva, Literaturnaya Gazeta and the magazine Dialog Kultur. RPF events have also been covered by the information agency ITAR-TASS and radio stations such as The Voice of Russia and others. There have also been television reports on Russian national RPF programmes on Russian State Television and Radio Broadcast Company Ė Vesti Regionov, Mir, Kultura, TV Centre, VKT, Stolitsa, Doverie and other channels. A number of articles on peacekeeping and charitable campaigns of the Foundation and its branches have been published in the central and regional media.†